Strongest Long Reach Robot in the World Delivered


M-2000iA Robot Delivery

Strongest Long Reach Robot in the World Delivered

Friday 17th May 2024 marked a special day in our company’s history with the delivery of 2 Fanuc M-2000iA Series robots to the Loop Technology Centre. What started as a single robot in a living room over 25 years ago has led to the strongest long reach robot in the world arriving in Dorchester!

The day was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as we all witnessed the culmination of many months of planning and logistics. The M-2000iA 1700L was the first to arrive – weighing 12.5 tonnes with almost 4.7 metres of reach and a payload capacity of 1.7 tonnes, it is a substantial piece of equipment to manoeuvre and install. The 900L offers the same reach and a payload capacity of 900 kg.


Footage from installation
Watch Installation
Giant Crane Outside Loop Technology Centre

These colossal robots provide the necessary capability for our latest FibreLINE order. In particular, they are able to handle FibreFORM, our 3D composite pick and place end effector that itself weighs over a tonne.

The composite aerostructures that will be manufactured with our FibreLINE system are large and require highly flexible, long reach robots. They will be mounted on a Güdel TMF-6 track and have unfettered access to the cell area in order to perform the necessary inspection and deposition activities.

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