MARITIME UK SOUTH WEST - Newsletter August 2020


MARITIME UK SOUTH WEST - Newsletter August 2020


  • Marine Tech Webinar Series
  • Supply chain database for SW Floating Offshore Wind launched
  • Floating offshore wind and tidal energy supply chain seminars x 2
  • Funding for: sustainable innovation, apprentices, job retention bonus, offshore wind.
  • MarLab autonomous surface ships data project.
  • Covid knowledge hub from Cornwall Marine Network.
  • Matchmaking event calendar 20-21.
  • Cyber Ship Lab

Marine Tech Webinar Series

In partnership with Maritime UK South West and other local partners, the team at the Oceansgate Marine Technology Enterprise Zone in Plymouth are working to overcoming Covid-19 barriers to face to face networking and collaboration by hosting a regular programme of marine technology webinars. The events will provide a platform for the world class marine technology offer in the area with topics including access to innovation funding and support, marine technology, case studies covering leading edge tech developments and showcasing world class strengths in the SW.

Forthcoming events:

Wednesday 12 August - University of Plymouth: USV Cetus: Open Platform for Marine Sensing & Remote Operations

Wednesday 26 August - Autonomy in Plymouth

Wednesday 16 September - The Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Wednesday 23rd September - Three Case Studies of Advanced Technologies in the field of Marine Biology from the Marine Biological Association

Wednesday 7th October - Driving innovation in the marine sector:

Wednesday 14th October - Invest in and Collaborate with Maritime UK South West

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