Urgent Request for TYVEK Stocks - NHS Medical Gowns


Urgent Request for TYVEK Stocks - NHS Medical Gowns

Following conversations with the British Fashion Council, the Make it British Campaign and the Cabinet Office are looking at ways to onshore the production of NHS medical gowns. Historically the fabric for these is produced in China and the manufacture is carried out in Egypt. Both these pipelines have obviously stalled, so we are looking at ways to bring this to the UK.

This will involve manufacturers, of both fabrics and garments to switch production as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are urgently looking for any companies that are currently sat on stocks of TYVEK. If you could kindly share this shout out within the South/South West manufacturing network we would very much appreciate it. Rolls Royce are involved in this and are mobilising a fleet to manage the logistics.

It's going to take a while to start knitting/weaving/producing the necessary fabrics, so if there are any current stocks available they would be an invaluable resource.

Any responses should go direct to Sophie Glover, Studio Manager at Makers HQ


For more background info on TYVEK - https://www.dupont.com/personal-protection/tyvek-for-ppe.html