Become More Sustainable in Your Business


The newest member to BCP Council’s Economic Development (ED) team, Christine Davies-Eyre, serves as Economic Development Officer for Low Carbon. The role has been created to enable the ED team to better assist local businesses within the BCP area to create bespoke decarbonisation plans (for all scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions) and assess where they could become more environmentally sustainable. In addition, some businesses may be eligible for a match-funded grant to help implement changes within the business to reach set goals.

There is increasing demand from customers and suppliers for companies to think about their carbon impact, especially in the UK’s net zero target of 2050. Making changes to reach green targets could make the business eligible for green accreditation, such as ISO14001, while also delivering potential cost savings. During the last campaign, 65 local businesses were supported to create a decarbonisation plan, pledging a reduction of 866 tonnes of CO2(equivalent) – the same as more than fourteen thousand tree seedlings grown for a decade!

If you are a business within the BCP region already on your net zero journey, aspire to become more sustainable in your business, or would simply like more information, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

For all enquiries please email