Many hands make Lush work: A look inside the factory


Posted on 28 Nov 2022 by The Manufacturer

In September, The Manufacturer’s Lanna Deamer and Tom St John got the opportunity to visit one of Lush’s seven manufacturing sites. They left with a bath bomb, sweet smelling clothes and an education in sustainable practices and manufacturing processes.

It would be safe to assume that yes, the Lush manufacturing site in Poole is up there with one of our favourite visits. It was just as cool and colourful as you would imagine! The scents were incredible and we left smelling better than when we arrived. Lush has seven different manufacturing sites across the world, in places as far afield as Toronto, Tokyo and Sydney. From these locations, Lush made 118 million products by hand in 2021; 95% of them being vegan-friendly.

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