Managing Quality with local connections


Poole-based manufacturing business Timeless Tube is excited to announce further expansion of its metal polishing team, enabling the business to offer polishing with short lead times to other local manufacturers.

Timeless's polishing department offer a range of hand-polished reflective and grained finishes for tubes and other metal components and plates.

We used to outsource our tube polishing work but we found that either the quality did not meet our high standards, or the lead time was too long” says Tom McMillan, MD and Head Engineer at Timeless Tube.

“To meet client requirements our only viable option was to employ our own full-time metal polishers. This move has been so successful that we have recently expanded the polishing team further, taking on another workshop on the Nuffield Trading Estate to accommodate the workforce”.

A majority of the business’s polishing work is for highly mirrored stainless steel boat railings formed and manipulated in-house from Timeless’s signature oval tube. Both British boat manufacturers and international marine clients alike have necessarily high standards when it comes to stainless steel rail polishing. “This is not only because these rails are seen on luxury craft, where quality needs to be exceptional. The other reason is that the more refined the mirrored finish, the better protection this offers in corrosive marine environments” explains McMillan.

Timeless’s skilled polishers also enjoy working on non-marine applications, using handheld machines to create brushed finishes for engineering components or automotive parts. The company has expertise in brass architectural metalwork and other applications.

Timeless urge local businesses to get in touch if they require samples, quotations or lead times. “Our quality is high and we can turn around work quickly. It’s nice to be able to share our skills with other companies now that we have the set up to do so” says McMillan.

For more information contact Timeless Tube’s Technical Sales team on: / 01202 666560