Manufacturing Barometer Survey - **OPEN FOR RESPONSES UNTIL FRIDAY 23rd JULY 2021**

  1. The UK's largest quarterly survey of SME manufacturers uncovers trends in past performance and future predictions to call for support that addresses the needs of businesses across the sector.

    This quarter's special focus explores factors that could inhibit growth, and asks respondents how they are planning to overcome these challenges.


     Why contribute?

    • Exclusively for SME manufacturing companies, this survey offers a valuable platform to make your voice heard

    • Results are shared with a number of key stakeholders, including local and national government, to call for support that's specifically tailored to SMEs - your input could help shape future industrial strategies that benefit your business

    • The Manufacturing Barometer should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete


  2. Data Protection Statement The Manufacturing Barometer survey is conducted by SWMAS (South West Manufacturing Advisory Service), supported by the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) to understand and evaluate the experiences of SME manufacturers in the UK.
    The data collected will be analysed, and anonymously included in our quarterly Manufacturing Barometer report to highlight these findings. None of the information provided will be publicly attributed to the person or company who submitted it without their explicit consent being obtained in advance. SWMAS and MGP may use information, such as your email address, to get in touch with you in the future.
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