Field International recruits into engineering and manufacturing from the first cohort of the New Directions programme.

Dorset Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster member, Field International are a global supplier of world class precision engineered products and services. Their Head Office, based in Poole, includes a manufacturing facility, and employs approximately 50 staff.
They supply precision engineering and machining for aerospace and defence and high quality standards are vital.
In common with other manufacturing and engineering businesses in Dorset, Field International are facing a skills shortage in all areas of their business, in particular artisans with milling, turning, fitting and fabrication backgrounds.

New Directions has been able to help.
The programme begins with a 12-week induction into manufacturing and engineering which includes factory visits, skills training and workshops led by local engineers. Field hosted a factory visit for the first New Directions cohort and were impressed by two of the participants.
Following the visit, Julian attended an interview for a part-time cleaning role. After a successful interview and work trial, he was offered the position. During his first week at work, Field recognised that Julian had valuable skills to offer, and offered him a full-time position as a trainee CNC Turning operator.

From early childhood, Julian has had a keen interest in engineering but never had the opportunity to pursue his passion. He believes that Field International have provided him with this opportunity to realise his dream. Julian’s advice is ‘If you are prepared to learn, be conscientious and work hard, you will be successful’.
Tim, who also completed the 12-week New Directions Programme, has now joined Field International in the part-time cleaning role, where he’s able to use his previous machine maintenance experience.
Tim says ‘he is over the moon’ with the opportunity that he has been provided with. ‘My enthusiasm and confidence has been re-ignited’.
Paul Yates, Operations Manager for the UK at Field International, is delighted to be able to support the New Directions programme and believes that this programme is an ideal employment channel to address the shortage of technical skills that the engineering sector is currently experiencing.
The New Directions programme is run by BCHA, who are using their expertise in rehabilitation and recruitment to offer a route into engineering for the over 25’s. The project is funded by JP Morgan, and supported by Dorset EMC.
Companies from Dorset EMC’s network, which includes Bournemouth and Poole College, have formed a Technical Skills Forum to advise and offer skills training to prepare each cohort for working in a manufacturing and engineering environment. The positive outcomes for Field International and their new recruits are really encouraging.
ContactJane at Dorset Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster or Carmela at New Directions for more information on working with the New Directions project
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