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We’ve received a number of requests for manufacturing specialists from local companies:
Young entrepreneurs from St Peters School, Strapback are looking for a company capable of stitching foam backed waterproof fabric to make their award-winning design of bags. Contact Strapback on 07588 296864
Plastics manufacturer required
Bournemouth University are looking for a plastics manufacturer to partner in a Plastics Innovation: towards zero waste project. Contact Dr. Amor Abdelkader to express interest asap, as the call for funding closes on 18th August.
Internal workshop space required
For 12 weeks, ideally from 23rd July onwards for a beach hut construction project:
Large access doorway to be able to bring in materials & store securely.Work on 2No. decks at a time 2.4m x 3.5m each max ( cutting hardwood timber to lengths & forming frames. Cut plastic decks boards to length & fix to frames.Good lighting. Power for 4No. 110V transformers – Circular saws, Chop saws, drills etcOverall internal space approx. 1200ft2 +External storage area to stack deck ready to transport to site at a later date. Hire from 23.07.2018 for approx. 12 weeks.Ideally someone with fork lift / telehandler to unload materials & move finished decks to storage area.
Contact Andrew Emery by emailor call 01202 451 842

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